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badboyblades asked: "Vortex, why the slag do you even exists?!?"

14/20 Questions

Vortex: Because my spark came out of Vector Sigma. But I mean, why does anything exist? Where’d it all come from? How’d we all get here?

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badboyblades asked: "Really!?!?" raises his servos in frustration, "don't you have anything better to do!?!?"

13/20 Questions

Vortex: Nah. C’mon, just keep getting mad, all you’re doing is proving my point.


" You’re gonna be pissed, but nah, I dunno what you’re talkin’ about. "

Sadly the only gestalt-ish thing she knew of was Devastator, but really, it went without saying that most mechs know of that pretty well. He wasn’t uncommon. 

" And share all the side-eye looks you want, I don’t give a frag what you think. " Maybe it would be smarter if she didn’t smart-mouth them, but hey, it pissed her off a little.

With a bit of a dramatic sigh, Swindle shook his helm. “Looks like we gotta build our rep back up.” Which was easier said than done, it seemed. Especially now since they were stuck on Earth.

"Oh good, I was worried about whether or not I might offend you.” Vortex was laying it on a bit thick, but that was how he tended to be. Over the top at the worst of times. He might’ve added on an extremely obvious ‘side-eye’ to his teammate just to see what would happen.

badboyblades asked: "....Vortex, why. the. frag. are. you. so. creepy!?!? "

12/20 Questions

Vortex: Because it gets good reactions.


((looks like 20 questions has turned into ‘Vortex trolls Blades like a boss interrogator’…. xD))

(( that’s what it looks like it’s turning into for everyone xD VORTEX IS HAVING A GREAT TIME THOUGH ))

thestunti-conjob asked: There's a cracked over the comm as Wildrider started to shout, "Are you Combaticons ready to face the baddest b*tch around! She's the one the only---!" There is an interrupting scream, "WILDRIDER, GET OFF THE COMM, STOP TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT THIS!" Wildrider chuckled out, "Motormisstress."



Vortex: …… Motormistress? Why’d he change his name?

Motormaster growled over the phone, “Just shut up you annoying slagheap!” The new femme tried to slam her servo down on the console to end the call and groaned in annoyance when she merely scratched up the metal instead of hanging up. Her shoulders weren’t as wide anymore and the button no longer was straight below here hand.

There was a pause while Vortex tried to figure out what that noise had been. Wildrider hadn’t made any protests, so he hadn’t been hit/kicked/whatever. And the line was still open…

"Wait. Wait, did you just try to hang up on me? Did you try and fail?”

badboyblades replied to your post: badboyblades said:”why are all yo…

"yeah…. like you haven’t stole credits from anyone buddy,"

Swindle: What, stealing credits makes us the worst gestalt? Really now? How cute, I never knew you felt so strongly about petty theft.

Anonymous asked: what would you do if you met your SG alternates?

11/20 Questions

Swindle: Dunno what “SG” means. Probably try to leave as soon as possible. Meeting alternates is weird.

transforming-pixie-sticks asked: "Onslaught, can I call you my Combati-dad?"

10/20 Questions

Onslaught: I would ask that you not.



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transforming-pixie-sticks asked: "Why are you guys the coolest gestalt team ever?"

9/20 Questions

Brawl: Jus’ built that way, I guess.

drunkfueler asked: This is a tumblr hug(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Send this to 10 of your favourite followers to show how much you love them as best buddies. Make sure you don’t break the chain. Happy tumblr hugs ~!

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badboyblades asked: "why are all you afts the worst Decepticon gestalt team in the Decepticon army? Primus, bet you that those builder boys have done more slag than any of you!! *laughs*"

8/20 Questions

Swindle: Well, we aren’t, and they haven’t.

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