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Location: An uninhabited organic planet
Alignment: Decepticon


Medieval AU; 1 week

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Trouble at the Tourney || Open RP


"Onslaught. It is a honor." The femme replied, before turning her focus to his question. "I don’t take pleasure in these competitions. Even if I did, many would probably frown upon it. The differences in ability between them and myself greatly differ. Some would assume I cheated instead of fairly beating them at their own games. I’m observing for now and waiting for a friend to arrive."

She didn’t outright say she wasn’t looking for an apprentice. Most of the time when a Magic Knight makes an official announcement about a new position open for a recruit, many bots come running from miles around. It was overwhelming at times that even she left their headquarters for a few days, just to avoid the traffic and nonsense. 

Stella wanted someone who would show their abilities without the distraction of trying to prove themselves to her order. She preferred this quieter method over the boisterous ones her comrades favor…or perhaps she was picky. The femme couldn’t decide.

"Have you traveled here alone, Onslaught?" She asked, turning her helm slightly at something before returning her gaze to the mech.

"I see." Onslaught didn’t think that this friend of hers was meeting up for a purely social visit. It was most likely some sort of official business that concerned the Knights. But, it was none of his concern, and he’d been given a satisfactory answer, so he did not push the subject.

"I came here aboard a merchant ship. They offered me free passage in exchange for labor." Bowing his head, Onslaught continued the remainder of the story in a somber voice. "Unfortunately, we were boarded by pirates. We managed to drive them off, but not before most of the crew had been killed." 

He made no mention that the rest of the “crew” had in fact been his teammates, and that they were currently somewhere within the tournament grounds. It was best to just keep that all under wraps. So long as none of them happened to walk past.

Straightening up, Onslaught let his gaze sweep across the crowd. “I don’t believe myself a superstitious mech, but… bad luck does seem to have a way of finding me.”

Trouble at the Tourney || Open RP


The Combaticons had arrived a few days prior to the tournament. No, they had not gone specifically for the tournament, they had merely ended up docking their ship at Iacon and decided to stick around. 

Well, it was not their ship, per say. It was now, but it hadn’t started that way. The crew had been kind enough to let them ride along. Sadly, they ended up being boarded by pirates, and everyone but the Combaticons had been slaughtered.

It was tragic, really.

But now, the group found themselves in the middle of the festivities. They had split up, so not to attract too much attention to themselves. And they definitely weren’t going to take part in any of the competitions, no. 

Perhaps things would be hectic enough that they could actually enjoy themselves.


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"I rather die on my feet than live upon my knees."
Emiliano Zapata

Trouble at the Tourney || Open RP


She glanced over at a mech who was walking over toward her. He didn’t seem afraid to approach her and in fact gave her a courteous nod, which she returned automatically. Curious. Not many approached her, mostly due to the fact they are to intimidated to interact with someone like her.

Stella dropped her arms, moving them to rest on her hips. It was her silent permission to allow the stranger to approach the femme. 

"You are probably the first person I have spoken to today." She said once he stood at a reasonable distance apart from her. "Greetings. I am Bornstellar of the Magic Knights….though I’m sure you knew who I was already. What brings you out here to the tournament, good Sir?"

It wasn’t normal for her to make small talk with people, even her own brothers and sisters. But the mech had come to her without hesitation. She deemed him worthy of a conversation, however big or small.

Onslaught stopped at an appropriate distance; close enough to converse comfortably, but still allowing the knight her personal space.

"Not by name. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Bornstellar." That was a name he would’ve remembered. She was definitely not one of the few Magic Knights he had met previously, which was probably for the best.

Though Onslaught himself carried a few official titles, he had shed them long ago. His name alone had drawn suspicion more than once, and he wished to continue to keep his true identity hidden. “I am Onslaught. As for why I’m here… well, I will be honest, I was not even aware of this event until recently. I had intended to move on from here, but decided to take part in the festivities instead.” Well, observe them at the very least.

"I’m curious what brings a Magic Knight here, though. Are you competing? Or looking for bots with potential?" 

Trouble at the Tourney || Open RP


Distort’s optics looked around rapidly, trying to take in all the sights and sounds that were around the mech. It had been a while since he had been to any tournaments and this was by far the largest he had ever gotten the pleasure of visiting. His visor remained down, as always, as he worked his way through the crowd. It would’ve been harder if it weren’t for the large predacon trailing behind him. Mech and femme alike seemed to part as to avoid being in the duo’s path. A loud huff sent hot air down the mech’s back. He turned slightly to look at the irritated beast behind him, question mark appearing on his visor.

The predacon looked at the question mark on the visor. She had learned that Distort wasn’t much of a talker…something she was thankful for. She wasn’t sure if she would’ve been able to handle both a talkative mech and over friendly one. 

"The crowd….you know how I feel." She growled lowly. Her golden optics searched the crowd. Another heavy huff was released from her as they continued walking through the merrymakers. Hopefully something will get her mind off of all this. 

Brawl did his best to stay near the outskirts of the mass of bots moving throughout the grounds. He was a large bot, but not large enough where others moved out of his way for him. They just tended to bump into him more, and then blame him for it. 

And so he tried to avoid any collisions by steering clear of the middle of the crowd. But since luck never seemed to be on his team’s side, someone inevitably pushed past Brawl, jostling him just enough to cause him to stumble. He reached out instinctively, his hand making contact with the counter of a vendor’s booth. By now the other bot must have disappeared into the crowd, but that didn’t stop Brawl from glaring in their general direction.

Giving himself a shake, Brawl pushed away from the booth, grumbling an apology, and went to head towards the jousting arena.

And that’s when it happened.

"Hey! Thief! You want something, you have to pay for it!"

Brawl stopped in his tracks, and turned to face the owner of the booth he had used to steady himself. “Excuse me?”

The slightly shorter mech glared at him, and extended an upward facing palm, “You heard me! Either return what you stole, or pay up! Don’t make me call for the guards!”  

Brawl stared at the mech’s face, before glancing down at the outstretched hand. With a grunt, he shook his head. “Don’t know what you think you saw, sir, but you’re clearly mistaken.”


Well that was one copter he wasn’t looking forward to crossing paths with. Perhaps he had something against copters. Wait…no. It was probably because Vortex was a decepticon. He had to keep reminding himself that these were “bad guys”. But….from his interaction they seemed like cool guys! 

"Sounds like a pain. Do you cross paths often?" he asked, tilting his head. His infantile actions had calmed down to where he was now just standing in front of the console. 

Nodding, he agreed that was one thing. Most seekers seemed to believe they ruled the skies and had the right to do as they pleased. “Yeah, I had a bad encounter with one once. Nearly took two of my rotors right off.” He huffed. Though he was sure there was probably at least one that wasn’t going to try and knock any non seeker out of the sky.

Vortex shrugged. “Used to. The whole lot of ‘em, actually.”

"What Vortex failed to mention is that Blades is also from a gestalt," Blast Off said. "He’s with the Protectobots."

"I was getting to that, sheesh!" Okay so he had forgotten that kind of important detail, and hadn’t been intending to ‘get to that’. “I was also going to add how they were created specifically to fight Bruticus, and that’s why we saw ‘em so much.”

And if they didn’t all die before the Combaticons reached Earth, there was a good chance they’d have a nice little reunion.

At Distort’s story of his encounter with those seekers, Vortex smacked a hand against the terminal. “See? What’d I tell ya? Seekers ain’t nothin’ but trouble!”

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