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She huffs. “You have no idea. We get two kinds of attention. The ones who are scouting for that Energon stuff or the Decepticons who raid out forest about once a week. It’s funny, you’d think humans would be the source of my worries-they’re the ones who capture us and force us to fight each other so they can gain wealth and fame. But we’re having to rebuild this place constantly. I think I’d welcome humans at this rate, with all the stress your kind’s bringing us.” Luxy stands to her feet and stretches, revealing a rather large blue gash that looks to be rather fresh.

Onslaught would’ve expected the Decepticons to have better things to do than just terrorize the organic creatures on this planet. Though, there were quite a few he could think of that would do such a thing. And if they got together… 

Okay, so it wasn’t that hard to believe.

"If I come across any Decepticons, I will tell them to leave this place be." He may not have the authority of the Decepticon High Command, but he did have a rather high status, being the leader of the Combaticons. If anything, most bots just didn’t want to get on the entire team’s bad side in one fell swoop by not listening to Onslaught.

Contestant #1: Breakdown || Can You Escape?


Don’t stay in one place? Was somebody watching him? Primus all these questions stirring in his processor. What was he suppose to do with nothing working? Even his weapons were disabled, so there goes defending himself with them.

He was just going to exit the room, letting the data pad shine a light to at least see where he was going. Poor Stunticon was already shaking in his frame. Why couldn’t Motormaster be the one doing this? He deserved to suffer like this, not Breakdown, even Wildrider would probably have a trill over this. 

But him? This was Breakdown’s worst nightmare. Primus help him.

The door Breakdown chose wasn’t armed with a lock, and it slid open automatically as he approached it. 

On the other side was another large, empty room. This one was T-shaped, and contained four more doors in addition to the one Breakdown entered through.

Off in the distance, though, the sound of a different door opening and closing echoed around the building. It wasn’t any of the doors in the rooms Breakdown had been in… so where was it coming from?

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An amused grin tickled at the warlord’s faceplate, stuttering was nice, just the effect he wanted if he was to be honest with himself, his return should first inspire fear, and then much later, speculation. That was how legends began, and Megatron was all too fond of the idea of being a legend.

"I am well aware of your assumptions. I did not come to hear them be spat out weakly, speak completely or not at all."

Right. Take two.

"Uh, we weren’t expecting to hear from you, Sir." 

Well, they were, but maybe with a little more warning. It might’ve saved Swindle from having that outburst, at least.

"Onslaught ain’t right here, but I can patch you through to his personal comm." Yep, just let Onslaught deal with this. That was a plan he could get behind.


                ah—-not for most, actually. I mean—-I do.

                I climb buildings. Streetwatch—sit on the
                statues. It’s relaxing. 

                   shereplied, carefully placing herself in the
                   taller bot’s temporary care. This is going to
                   be way different than hanging out on rooftops

Guess I can see the appeal.” 

He figured it was similar to how a lot of fliers -mostly seekers- felt about flying. Though they talked about it as if it were the best thing in the world. Vortex thought flying could be a good time and all, but the way some bots talked about it, it was as if they’d rather go offline than get their precious wings clipped.

Once Kai placed herself in his servo, Vortex lifted the human up to his shoulder. His actual shoulders were pretty slanted, but she’d probably figure something out.

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quitesquees asked: Okay then :) Numbers 3, 7, 10, 16 and 17, 38, 54, and I will make myself stop with 56 and 57. I know thats alot so just ignore whichever.

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quitesquees asked: What’s a trope or plot you’ll never get sick of roleplaying? Would you mind multiple Mun-Directed Questions? also “❀”

Angst-y Combaticons dealing with the after-effects of the Detention Center. It gives me all the feels. It gives other people the feels. I feed off your feels >:) Also it’s just a severely unexplored part of their backstory. I have this thing, where I NEED closure about those kind of events. I hate it so much when people come up with these horrible things, but don’t ever have the characters deal with it. 

Like Mass Effect gdi three games and no closure asddgdsghlsefhatlhg

I can’t just ignore it, or make them ignore. Just not how I roll.

And yes of course, you’re free to send as many as you’d like! <3

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